Septagon Studios Releases Archeologists Of Shadows Volume 2


ARCHEOLOGISTS OF SHADOWS is set in a world where every living thing is becoming mechanical. Some think that the phenomenon is the will of the gods, and so the Authorities punish those who resist the transformation, although all wonder about the real reason for the changes.

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Septagon Studios Releases Archeologists Of Shadows Digital Graphic Novel


It all started a while back when Septagon Studios was approached with a submission sent to us all the way from Spain that literally knocked us out of our seats. It had an immersive story with incredible artwork that was unlike anything we had ever seen before.

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The Characters Of A.O.S


The characters in Archeologists Of Shadows undergo many situations that test their courage, their sanity and their will to persevere. We have put together a short description of some of the main character in AOS to give you an idea about their background and personality.

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The World of A.O.S


Archeologist of Shadows is set in a world where all the living things are becoming mechanical. Nobody knows why the Authorities (the Government), believe that this is happening because that’s the will of the two Gods. In an attempt to follow the new divine rules, they force all creatures still biological to undergo a surgical operation in order to replace the biological organs by mechanical ones.

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Lara And Patricio Bring AOS to Ficomic, The Barcelona Comic-Con


Us comic book lovers have very few opportunities to gather together and share our passion outside the digital forums and blogs or comic websites.

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A.O.S Teaser Trailer 1


The creators of “Archeologists of Shadows” have put together a short teaser trailer to give you and better idea of what this story is all about. We don’t want to say much more because we don’t want to spoil the trailer for you. Have a look and let us know what you think.

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A.O.S Exclusive Digital Flip Book Preview


We’ve put together an exclusive digital Flip Book preview to give you a glimpse of the first pages of “Archeologists of Shadows”. This preview will give you an intro to the story and the first book entitled “The Resistance”.

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The Artwork of Archeologists of Shadows


My first contact with art was all about plastic experimentation and adapting to the computer which was a strange tool at that time. While studying Fine Arts I had a bigger affinity with drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and PhotoShop. I had some exhibitions of collage paintings and portraits in the city I lived, Mar del Plata. When I got my degree as a graphic designer I emigrated to Europe and started working in Barcelona as art director of a magazine, and also as a cover artist and illustrator for books and magazines.

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How the Archeologists of Shadows Project Began

AOS-Lara Feature

Patricio and I met in 2005, when we began to work together in a Publishing company. I worked as a writer and editor of some of the magazines and books published by the company, and Patricio was the art director, designer and illustrator for the same projects. We connected very well quickly, and we often discussed the idea of making a project of our own. At that time, Patricio was writing a movie script, and I was working on some short stories and a project for a magazine with another coworker and friend.

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The Archeologists Of Shadows Project


Septagon Studios has partnered up with writer Lara Fuentes and artist Patricio Clarey to publish the graphic novel “Archeologists Of Shadows”. We are very excited to announce this project and to be able to work with such talented and passionate creators.

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